ABOVE: The bell during restoration, August-September 2019

TOP and LEFT: View from the bell down George Street, 

19th September 2019

Our new sign over the door of Saint George's. We will, in time, erect something suitably permanent, but this will do us nicely for now.

We've been making fantastic progress with Saint George's since we became owners on 17th April 2019. The front has been repainted and refurbished and the inside is looking far nicer. The building is beginning to look fresh and feels lived in. The photograph on the left was taken early morning on 21st June. The image below was taken the same morning.

Unrestored room adjacent to the bellringers' room. April 2019

View down George Street towards King Square and the Galtees. April 2019

View from the bellringers' room towards the stairs. April 2019

Pew in the nave - three years after closure. March 2019

One of the old Saint George's Bibles.  2017

View from the top of the stairs into the bellringers' room. 2017

Saint George's from the rear. March 2019

Chancel window detail - 'The supper at Emmaus'.

The nave and chancel. 2018

View from the chancel towards the nave. 2018

Views from the stairs. 2018

The Nave, facing towards the Church Street side. 2018

Steeple and pinnacles - hallmarks of Saint George's. 2018

The chancel facing the nave, towards the original blocked-up chancel window. 2018

The lectern dedicated to the memory of Rev. Canon Courtenay Moore, who served for 24 years as rector of Brigown Parish, Mitchelstown. The restoration and development of Saint George's into an arts and heritage centre is being dedicated to his memory. 2018

'He shall gather the lambs with his arms' - The infant Mona Moore memorial window which overlooks the baptistery. 2018

The organ in Saint George's is believed to be one of the oldest in Ireland. 

It's casing is made of oak and there are crenelations and other detailing which indicate that it came from a big house and was not originally designed for a church.

Old organs of this type are very rare in Ireland and one of our hopes is that over time we will be able to source the funding to help restore it. We are happy to be able to say that it is tuned and all the keys are working thanks to the assistance of Derek Verso, who recently helped us with it. 2018